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WooCommerce get product prices

WooCommerce get product prices

Today we talk about how WooCommerce get product price? In our example, we will get product price information like price, regular price, sale price, sale start date, and sale end date. So let’s start with our example.

If you want to load product information by it id then use the following code.

$p_id = 20;
$product_info = wc_get_product( $p_id );

Now you have product object. You can get price with the following code.

$product_info->get_price(); // get product price
$product_info->get_regular_price(); // get product regular price
$product_info->get_sale_price(); // get product sale price
$product_info->get_date_on_sale_from(); // get product sale from date
$product_info->get_date_on_sale_to(); // get product sale to date
Author: Qaisar Satti
Category: WooCommerce
Last Modified: November 17, 2020

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