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Being a developer for over 15 years, I have worked on different eCommerce platforms including Prestashop, Magento 2, WooCommerce & WordPress. During my tenure I have custom built the bespoke websites and developed extension for my clients.

Send email programmatically Magento 1

Send email programmatically in Magento 1 Every Magento project requires a certain level of customization. This may involve adding a new element or overriding an...

magento 2 Remove layered navigation

Magento 2 remove layered navigation

In this tutorial we will learn about a method in magento 2,Magento 2 remove layered navigation.Before starting the example i suppose you are familiar with...

magento2 get static url or skin url

Magento 2 get static url or skin url

Magento is a great ecommerce platform.It is a little complicated at times but it does provides many methods and functionalities to perform some tasks easily.Today...

Magento 2 remove any link from top-links

Remove any link from top links Magento 2

  Hello and welcome to qaisar satti blog. In this tutorial we will try to learn that how one can "remove any link from top...

Magento 2 Override default theme template files

Override default theme template files Magento 2

In this tutorial we will discuss about the topic how to override default theme template files in magento 2. I am assuming that you are...

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