Top 5 FREE WordPress | WooCommerce Plugin – 2023

WooCommerce is an excellent choice for setting up online stores quickly. It’s easy to use yet powerful, offering a secure way for businesses to sell products and services on the web. However, the default WooCommerce features may not have everything you need; you need to add extra functionalities or customize aspects of your store to better suit your specific requirements. In this post, we’re sharing the best 5 FREE WooCommerce plugin that you can use to add more features to this already amazing platform. So read on: 

5 Best Free WooCommerce Plugins For Your Store 

WooCommerce Plugins make managing your online store easier. Here are the best 5 free ones for 2023:

  1. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  2. Countdown Timer
  3. Super Cache
  4. Side Cart:  
  5. Contact Form 7

1. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

If you want to turn your mainstream WordPress site into a fully-fledged content management system, this plugin is for you. It lets you easily add custom fields to your WordPress edit screens. Organize your content the way you want and enhance your shop’s functionality. The best part? You can add these custom fields anywhere on your store, be it posts, pages, media, comments, or categories.


  • Add custom fields easily to your edit screens
  • Use field builder for quick field integration
  • Display Custom field values in theme templates
  • ACF PRO offers advanced features like Repeater Field, ACF Blocks, and more

2. Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce Plugin

Create a sense of urgency to boost sales using the WooCommerce Countdown Timer by Addify. This plugin lets you display countdown timers on your product pages, encouraging customers to make a purchase. Customize the timers to match your marketing goals and branding. It’s a great way to enhance engagement and drive conversions.


  • Choose from multiple customizable designs for the countdown timer
  • Display progress bars on product and archive pages
  • Position countdown timers anywhere you want
  • Customize progress bar font color, background color, etc
  • Boost the visibility of your ongoing sales

3. Super Cache WooCommerce Plugin

Speed up your website with WP Super Cache. It’s a free plugin from Automattic that stores copies of pages in different ways to make your site faster. You can choose from three modes based on your technical comfort level while using this plugin.


  • Generate static HTML files from dynamic WordPress content
  • Offer flexibility to non-technical users with simple mode option

4. Side Cart for WooCommerce

Improve user experience with Side Cart for WooCommerce plugin. This valuable free add-on helps you add a convenient sidebar to your store, showing customers the items in their shopping cart without leaving the current page. Enhance the shopping experience as well as keep customers engaged. 


  • Easily display a compact dropdown cart on your store
  • Personalize background color, size, font size, buttons etc
  • Let users instantly view cart details, product quantity, and total amount
  • Reduce cart abandonment

5. Contact Form 7

Simplify creating and managing contact forms with Contact Form 7. It’s a widely used plugin to add different types of forms to your site. You can design forms, customize fields, and set up email notifications easily, helping you establish effective communication channels with your visitors.


  • Easily integrate customizable contact forms into your pages and posts
  • Add a range of form fields, including text fields, email fields, dropdowns, and more
  • Enable validation checks to ensure accurate and complete user input

Final Words:

Installing and activating these free plugins can help you extend the core functionality of your WooCommerce Website without spending even a penny. These plugins are a cost-effective way to enhance your online store’s features and provide a more engaging shopping experience for your customers. 


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