5 Best WooComerce Product Addons Plugins

Product add-ons are extra personalized options that customers can select when buying a product. Allow customers to customize their purchases, aligning with their unique preferences to elevate their overall shopping experience. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best WooCommerce Product Addons Plugins, all designed to help you effortlessly integrate custom fields, personalize product choices, and make your online store stand out. So, read on. 

5 Best Woocommerce Product Addons Plugins

Product Add-ons can simplify the ordering process for your customers. Here are the top 5 WooCommerce Product Addons Plugins for the year 2023: 

  1. WooCommerce Product Options and Add-ons
  2. Product Addons for Woocommerce 
  3. Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce
  4. Advanced Product Fields (Product Addons) for WooCommerce By StudioWombat
  5. Extra Product Options For WooCommerce 

WooCommerce Product Add Ons 

WooCommerce Product Options and Addons by Addify is one popular plugin you can use to enhance the customization and flexibility of product listings. Utilizing the plugin, add up to 17 different types of add-ons to your products and categories and give an unforgettable shopping experience to your valuable customers. Apply the add-ons in bulk to boost your efficiency and save time. 


  • Offer product personalization with 17 different customizable fields
  • Apply add-ons in bulk or individually for each product
  • Restrict add-ons by customer groups and make them required or optional
  • Make add-ons dependent on other add-ons easily 

Addify WooCommerce Product Options and Add Ons at a price of $49 per year, with a 7-day free trial and one year of free support.

Product Addons for Woocommerce – Product Options with Custom Fields

Product Addons for WooCommerce by Acowebs is another easy-to-use plugin that simplifies the process of adding custom fields to your product pages. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder, effortlessly add custom fields for your customers and collect more precise information from them. Get the plugin’s premium version to set custom prices for each field and create complex pricing formulas. 


  • Add custom fields to WooCommerce product pages
  • Collect and display extra product information
  • Use the drag-and-drop form builder

Product Addons for WooCommerce by Acowebs offers pricing flexibility, starting at $43.00 for a 1-year single-site license and going up to $199.00 for a lifetime 5-site license.

Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce by Themeisle

This plugin empowers you to use the user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder to create tailored product options. Choose from various input types, including text, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more, to create a personalized shopping experience for your customers. With a grid layout, arrange your fields in columns to create a more appealing product page.


  • Display fields based on specific conditions 
  • Apply addons to entire product categories
  • Set minimum and maximum lengths, input masking, and placeholder text

Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce by Themeisle offers both a free version and a premium version priced at $99 per year.

Advanced Product Fields (Product Addons) for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Fields (Product Addons) for WooCommerce by StudioWombat gives you ten 10 different form elements to add to your product pages. If you require advanced functionality, the premium version of this plugin offers additional field types, support for modern themes, compatibility with page/product builders, multilingual and multi-currency support, integrations with other plugins, and extensive customization options.


  • Show/hide fields based on other input fields.
  • Add a flat fee to products based on field value(s).
  • Decide which product(s) display your fields.

StudioWombat’s Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce offers three pricing options: Pro at $59, Extended at $79, and Extended Bundle at $149.

Extra Product Options For WooCommerce | Custom Product Addons and Fields by ThemeHigh

ThemeHigh’s Extra Product Options (Product Addons) plugin offers a versatile selection of 19 field types to showcase an array of product options. Easily customize when and where specific fields or sections are displayed based on conditions such as product type, categories, and product tags, and create a personalized shopping experience for your customers. 


  • Customize the appearance of input fields, labels, and containers.
  • Conditionally display fields and sections based on products, categories, tags, and user roles.
  • Edit the add to cart button text for simple and variable products.
  • The premium version of this plugin includes eight additional field types with advanced properties

For price, contact the developer directly


These five WooCommerce product add-on plugins offer a wide range of features to enhance your online store’s product customization options. Whether you need basic custom fields or advanced conditional logic, there’s a plugin on this list to suit your needs. 


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