Magento free payment extensions

This article is about Magento free payment extensions . Many people often look for payment methods of magento and find it difficult to find a suitable extension.In this tutorial i will try to list available free magento payment extensions.This tutorial just have information of free extensions that are available on magento marketplace or any other extension provider.I will try to list few here with brief descriptions as well.

Below are the free magento payment method extensions.

Magento payment extensions

Magento provides its own payment methods.But here we will discuss free magento shipping extensions.Because these are available for free so anyone can use them.First,lets have a look at the default magento payment methods.

Default magento payment methods:

  • Saved CC
  • Check / Money Order
  • Zero Subtotal Checkout
  • Bank Transfer Payment
  • Cash On Delivery Payment
  • Purchase Order
  • Direct Post

Above are the default payment methods provided by magento.You can use them by going to configuration settings and then modifying payment methods.

Now lets have a look at the free available payment extensions.

Bank Payment

Bank payment is a popular payment method in E-Commerce throughout the globe. This extension provides full control of the payment process to the customer and avoids the transmission of sensitive payment data during or after the payment process.It allows you to define additional rules and displays options within the payment configuration settings.

Key Features

  • Multiple bank accounts (SEPA ready)
  • Ability to show/hide bank accounts in PDF-printouts
  • Ability to show/hide a custom text in PDF-printouts
  • Show a link to a CMS page instead of displaying the bank accounts
  • Set a “pay within X days” value
  • Allow partial capturing
  • Language packages included: EN, DE, DK, ES, FR, GR, IT, JP, NO, NL, PL, BR, TR

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Cash On Delivery

COD or Cash on delivery implies ordered goods being paid for when handed over to the customer in person.Naturally, this payment method is safe and convenient for those who tend to be skeptical of electronic payment methods, especially when ordering online.

Key features

  • Apply a fee for using cash on delivery as a payment method
  • Fees can be fixed or a percentage based on the shopping cart’s subtotal
  • Fees as a percentage of the subtotal may require a configurable minimum fee
  • Differ fees between national and international orders
  • Restrict payment method to certain countries
  • Flexibly link cash on delivery to your shipping methods

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Payment Extra Charge

Most payment services charge an additional fee for processing payments. Since this fee is different for every payment method, it is difficult to include it in the product price.Using Payment extra charge you can add payment fees for such payment methods, you won’t have to make such calculations — the fee will be added automatically.

Key features

  • Different fees for every payment method
  • Different methods for fee calculation
  • Fee rounding
  • Separate row with fee amount in Total blocks
  • Different percentage fees for different countries
  • Editable fee description
  • Maximum compatibility with 3rd party payment extensions

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paydirekt is the online payment procedure of your private and savings banks. paydirekt makes Internet payments secure, simple and direct. This makes it a real alternative to the usual online payment methods and offers merchants many advantages.

Key features

  • Secure: Maximum data security and optimum protection against payment defaults
  • Simple: easy operation, integration and simple process
  • Direct: increasing business and better customer relationship

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Pay Bright

PayBright provides friendly, transparent financing to consumers at the point-of-sale, both online and in-store. Our instant payment plans are offered by over 2,700 merchants,including leading domestic and international e-commerce retailers.

Key features

  • e-commerce installment payment solution
  • Full integration with Magento 1.x
  • Instant approval and rapid process: within seconds, PayBright verifies the customer’s identity and payment information, and grants instant credit
  • Next-day payment to merchants with no customer credit risk
  • Sales increase of up to 30%
  • Net Promoter Score of 72 among merchants and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Virtual credit accounts can be used for multiple transactions, helping drive repeat purchases
  • Both merchants and customers receive access to their own online portals to monitor loan activity
  • No retroactive or compounding interest, hidden charges, or prepayment penalties

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Spryng Payments

Spryng Payments includes the most comprehensive list of (dynamic) payment methods, pro-active fraud protection, one-click payment experiences, dynamic check-outs per customer, insights in cost components per transaction, as well as many other features.

Key features

  • Spryng Payments employs the most competitive and sharpest rates per transaction
  • We help merchants increasing conversion on all payment methods
  • Merchants have immediate access to their money
  • Our team has many years of experience in the payments industry
  • Spryng Payments originated from the wishes and needs of merchants
  • We have a global focus
  • We have developed plug-ins for the most important e-commerce platforms
  • Easy to connect

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Similarly there are many other extensions available. I tried to list a few. I hope this tutorial help you in any way.

Please feel free to drop any suggestions or queries in comments section. It will be highly appreciated.


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