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PrestaShop reset admin password

This tutorial is about Prestashop-Reset admin password.In this article, we will learn how to install a reset admin password in prestaShop.Often people forget their passwords and find it difficult to reset them. It is quite a simple process. So let’s move forward and have a look.

Please note that this method will be useful only when you have access to the database.

First of all check your ”config/settings.inc.php ” file for the _COOKIE_KEY_ value.

Run the following SQL and replace the <> variables with your information:

UPDATE employee SET passwd = md5(“<_COOKIE_KEY_ value>”) WHERE email = “youremailaddress”;

Let’s have an example for more clarification.

UPDATE `ps_employee` SET `passwd` = MD5(‘<_COOKIE_>password’) WHERE `email` = ‘info@qaisarsatti.com’;

That’s it from this simple method. That’s it from this tutorial. I strongly believe there is always room for improvement. So I am open to any suggestion and feedback. Please feel free to leave what you are thinking in the comments section below. Cheers.

Author: Qaisar Satti
Category: Prestashop
Last Modified: July 26, 2019