Magento 2 remove any link from top-links

Remove any link from top links Magento 2

Hello and welcome to qaisar satti blog. In this tutorial we will try to learn that how one can “remove any link from top links in Magento 2”.Before starting i assume that you are already performing a task and are struck on this problem. So lets get to the point and find the solution.For removing the top-link you must know the name of the link which is to be removed. For example Register-link is for register-link link.

To make it more simpler, easy to learn and for knowledge,below is the list of top-links.

Top Links

register-link                Create Account Link

authorization-link       Sign In Link


wish-list-link              WishList Link


my-account-link        My Account Link


Right then i believe now you know the top links, now add below code in your default.xml to remove the link. For example,if you want to remove the Create Account Link So for that you have to add below xml code.

<referenceBlock name="top.links">
        <referenceBlock name="register-link" remove="true" />          


Similarly other links can be removed too by following the above mentioned method. I hope this tutorial will help you.


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